We are just one week away from our Gala, and we are already set to host the largest Christian conservative event in the state this year. Remember, our organization is just two years old, and we are just getting started!


By the way, I will add this – my wife is not one to go overboard with praise for food. However, she has not stopped raving about the Gala food after she went to the tasting this week. She assures me that this is not your standard, boring fundraiser dinner. This is going to be good eating!

I hope you will join us!


Major Success in Augusta and Savannah

Last week, Frontline held its first-ever events in Augusta and Savannah, and we were blown away by the reception.

We were able to bring Chloe Cole and Paula Scanlan with us, and the messages they shared were powerful and shocking. And, we were humbled to share how God is growing this ministry. Here are some pictures below from the events.

Frontline Continues Event Schedule

As the largest pro-life, pro-family organization in the state, Frontline is maintaining a strong speaking schedule. Just some of our recent public appearances featured myself in Douglas County, Taylor Hawkins in DeKalb County, and Scott McInnis at the Families 4 Families Luncheon. See below for some pictures.









Moving to Permanent Office in November

We have recently shared just some of the growth our team has seen. By the end of the year, our hope is to have added at least 3 full-time and 2 part-time hires in the final four months of the year.

Earlier this summer, we began renting a month-by-month small one-room office space in Peachtree City so that our team could be more connected and aligned.

That space was already tight, and it was soon going to be completely unworkable. That is why we just signed a long-term lease for a space in Newnan that will be able to house our staff, provide space for volunteers, serve as a great convening location, and allow our team to take it to the next level.

This space is more than five times larger than our current space!

While it is a blessing that we are growing and in need of this larger space, there is an added rental cost as well as a need for more office furniture. Would you be willing to contribute to our Office Fund?

Your generous TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation can help ensure that our staff thrives in this new environment and that this space becomes a God-honoring hub for impact. Please consider a generous $50, $100, $250, or greater donation TODAY so that we can buy tables, chairs, desks, and décor for this new Frontline home.

We look forward to moving in on November 1 and seeing God do mighty things in this space. (FYI, we were privileged last week to have most of our staff be joined by a few of our Board members to pray over the new office. I sense that we will see many victories there!)


Looking for a VP of Advancement

One of the positions we are trying to fill is a VP of Advancement. This is a slight shift from a previous position we were looking to hire (Development Assistant).

The reason we are making this change is simple: our budget target for this fiscal year is roughly $2 million. While that figure is large and impressive to some, we believe the needs facing our state justify an organization many times that size. In order to reach that goal, I need a senior-level development leader who can work with me to operationalize our fundraising so that we can truly build an unparalleled statewide network and fulfill our big vision.

In seeking to fill this need, we have set up this Opportunity Profile. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please visit the link here: VP of Advancement Profile.


$500,000 Challenge Grant

As we seek to grow, we are so blessed by generous donors who have stepped forward to form a $500,000 Challenge Grant – allowing you to know that your money is being paired with significant funds from others to forge a bigger, stronger Frontline.

To support Frontline with a generous $100, $300, or $500 contribution, please visit HERE!

I truly believe there is no other effort in the country where you will see your hard-earned dollars have a greater and more lasting impact as we fight for victory now and build a sustainable force that can fundamentally transform our state.


Frontline Does Need Prayer

As you can tell, this is a season of growth for Frontline. But, our work is only accelerating. Our team is preparing our 2024 legislative agenda, awakening the body of Christ to Honor God with their vote, growing the Church Ambassador Network, launching new initiatives, and more!

All of this – from new staff members to big program emphasis – needs prayer, and this is why we have launched a regular prayer meeting for this ministry.

To get on the list of folks who are updated about prayer meetings, simply email Scott McInnis at scott@frontlinepolicy.com.


New C3 Program Launched

We are calling this new program “Christianity in Culture Conversations.”

Read all about it HERE.




Hope to see you soon,

Cole Muzio

President, Frontline Policy