As Frontline grows its Church Ambassador Network and enhances Christian Education opportunities, we are proud to announce our new program: Christianity & Culture Conversations! 

REGISTER TODAY to Attend the First “C3” Event in Gainesville on October 21st (yes, this is Georgia Football’s “BYE Week”!)

Do you ever wonder how best to live out your faith in the public square?

Want to know new ways to get involved?

How best can we, as believers, honor Christ as we engage in politics?

Are there ways to partner with a Christian organization and God-honoring leaders?

The Christianity & Culture Conversations program is designed to answer these – and more – questions for believers all across our state!

For the last few years, Frontline has hosted “Biblical Citizenship Academy” events, and we see this as the next progression.

In fact, over the coming months, we plan to take our unique Biblical Citizenship Academy content and put it online as a permanent, evergreen resource for believers in Georgia. To help fund this effort, please consider a generous TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation of $25, $50, or $100 TODAY to ensure Christians all over Georgia can access this impactful content.

So how is a “C3” program different than a Biblical Citizenship Academy?

We want to be abundantly clear: these are conversations about biblical issues, a Christian worldview, and impacting the public square for the glory of God.

This is not just another “political meeting,” and our tone, tenor, and focus will be different.

C3 events will feature times of worship and times of prayer.

We require partnership with a local church – willing to promote and encourage their members to attend, though you are more-than-welcome to join us if you are not a member of the host church.

The C3 events are more focused on the “immediate” – what is happening right now and how Christians should engage and will provide partnership opportunities with Frontline.

And, these events are shorter than “BCAs” – reducing the time commitment from 6 hours. As such, we are open to hosting C3 events on week nights. (Note: Because this inaugural C3 event is being held on a Saturday, it will be a 4 hour event, still shorter than a BCA.)

We will, however, still provide lunch 😊

If your church would like to host a C3 event, please email our Director of Church Ambassador Network, Scott McInnis, at



We are very excited about this program and are grateful for the opportunity to continue spreading a God-honoring message to equip believers across our state.

Ready for the Conversations,

Cole Muzio


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