Biblical Citizenship Academy

Frontline Policy Council’s Biblical Citizenship Academy (BCA) is a one-day training seminar, hosted at locations all across Georgia, designed to equip believers with the tools to engage in the community and political arena in constructive ways that both honor God and affect positive change in our state.

The Biblical Citizenship Academy is what everyone has been waiting for. BCA will help answer the question of “What more can I do besides get out and vote?”



“This was amazing. Especially the breakout session about our church. This should be done every few months…”


“AMAZING! Inspiring and motivating to take more action! Thank you all for putting the Lord first and expressing His heart in politics so amazingly! I love how you all explain the Lord’s direct heart to be involved in politics! Truly speechless!”


“This event was informative and instructive. I’m encouraged and motivated to move forward with active engagement in our state’s political arena! Thank you for this intentional day.”


Our guests will hear from Frontline faculty, as well as allied legislators, pastors, organization leaders, and other experts on topics like:

Characteristics of Biblical Citizens

How to Engage on the Issues

Expert explanation and analysis of current policy issues, with Q&A

Discussion of ways to strengthen and engage your local Church

And much more!

Our guests will leave with a deeper sense of what it means to be a biblical citizen, an understanding of current issues, tools in their belt for how to do so, and opportunities to apply what they have learned in their community and at the Capitol.

This is your chance to learn how YOU can be part of the solution.


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