Job Description: Director of Church Ambassador Network

To apply, please email your resume to Cole Muzio at

Frontline is hiring the Director of Church Ambassador Network (CAN), who will grow,impact, and oversee a cornerstone ministry of our organization. Church Ambassador Network connects shepherds of God’s Church with shepherds of government, speaks truth with boldness and clarity, shares the Word of God, ministers to the leaders He has raised to positions of authority, and identifies policy solutions that both serve Georgians well and allow the Church to positively impact government.

Church Ambassador Network is designed and intended to be a transformative ministry – strengthening God’s church, serving leaders, affecting policy outcomes, and forging impactful partnerships – that cannot be successful without a big vision, a big network, and an understanding of our BIG God.

The Director of Church Ambassador Network is a relationship maker and a catalyst. This high-energy leader works with the President/CEO to set the tone, vision, and direction of the CAN ministry and oversee the recruitment, shepherding, and management of the network and its activities. A strong candidate for this position must be a visionary and inspirational leader, a devoted and biblical follower of Christ, a natural recruiter and relationship builder, and possess a formidable mind for policy and government.

Reports to: President/CEO

Compensation: Full-time, competitive salary and benefits

Location: Ability to work out of Newnan, GA office preferred; significant in-state travel
required, occasional out-of-state travel required

Partnership: The Frontline Church Ambassador Network operates as part of Frontline Policy Council, the Family Policy Council in Georgia and one of roughly 4o such FPCs around the country. CAN, specifically, is part of The Daniel Impact – building on the model set up by The Family Leader, which provides a network of nearly 20 CAN Directors, resources, and best practices. Examples include: (, (, (, ( Ongoing

Assessment: The Director of CAN will be assessed based on the size, strength, impact, and trajectory of the network. He is expected to bring Kingdom impact to the Church, the policy process, and the culture, and it is expected that the CAN Director – and the department as a whole – will positively contribute to the growth, trajectory, reputation, witness, and achievement of the Frontline organizations. The Director of CAN should also be an eager fundraiser for this ministry. In short, CAN is expected to be a growing and biblical Christian ministry, an impactful policy apparatus, and a revenue-raising entity. Specific metrics and intangible goals will be set with the President/CEO.

Availability: The Director of CAN of expected to put in the amount of time needed to accomplish their job successfully. Typically, this is 40+ hours per week, with a greater workload to be expected during legislative session, before major events, and election season. Office hours may be flexible, but the Director is generally expected to be available between 9am-5pm M-F – during that time he may be traveling the state, working from the Frontline office, or, occasionally, set up remotely.


  • Establish and proclaim an inspirational vision for the Church Ambassador Network that generates buy-in, enthusiasm, and impact and executes the strategy of CAN as directed by the Frontline President;
  • Recruit an impactful network of pastors and grow the ministry in size and strength;
  • Create a pastors’ steering committee made up of influential local pastors and denomination leaders;
  • Build intentional relationships with pastors, church leaders, government officials (appointed, elected, staff, etc.), and other stakeholders;
  • Lead pastors to the Capitol during the legislative session for real impact in the place and moment where decisions are being made;
  • Share – with boldness, humility, grace, truth, and love – and model in witnessing the Gospel to all;
  • Look for avenues to work with both sides of the aisle to advance biblical justice and righteousness;
  • Encourage pastors and their churches toward God-honoring civic engagement and faithful ministry toward and, when possible, in a leading partnership with the government;
  • Edify government officials, get to know them as people, care for them, and, when applicable, unashamedly speak truth to them;
  • Pray regularly for and with leaders CAN connect with;
  • Develop an intentional gameplan for building out the CAN staff and the growth of the ministry;
  • Assist government officials in developing a biblical worldview when it comes to policy, witness to them or strengthen existing faith, and facilitate church leaders growing in their fulfillment of the biblical mandate to engage government and the culture;
  • In accordance with CAN strategy and as approved by the President and the Policy Team, support legislative initiatives of Frontline and develop specific CAN initiatives;
  • Coordinate with the Policy Team to ensure CAN interactions are informed by strategic objectives. This may result in tension between CAN and Policy goals and this is encouraged and expected;
  • Connect branches of government, church leaders, and different partners and stakeholders to solve problems and advance the Gospel;
  • Develop an annual legislative and policy agenda for CAN and strategize with the Policy Team regarding support for the overall Frontline agenda – understanding that the CAN Director is supposed to be a highly informed operative within the policy space;
  • Serve as an expert, go-to resource for policy leaders, church leaders, and other stakeholders;
  • Seek out church innovators who are crafting community-impact solutions that advance – and never compromise – the Gospel;
  • Innovate to identify ways that the Church can infiltrate and affect institutions, especially the institution of government;
  • Manage CAN-specific, 501(c)3 compliant election efforts in conjunction with the President and Strategy Team;
  • Direct production of relevant resources and tools – either authored by CAN Director or assigned as an internal or external project – for churches to educate their congregations toward Biblical Citizenship, white papers for elected leaders, and any other material that provides quality information and biblical worldview to stakeholders;
  • Assist the President and Development Team in raising revenue for the Frontline organizations, with a specific emphasis on growing church partnerships;
  • Direct production of resources that share the vision and results of Church Ambassador Network as directed by the President;
  • Document data, conversations, and metrics using Frontline’s CRM system;
  • Promote and advertise CAN events effectively;
  • Assist as needed at Frontline and CAN events;
  • Develop and maintain a database of pastor/church contact info from across Georgia;
  • Deliver resources to pastors, including policy resources, speakers, and bulletin inserts;
  • Keep pastors regularly informed in the work of the Frontline and CAN;
  • Travel and share with churches, pastors, leaders, partners, and stakeholders the mission and vision of the Church Ambassador Network (CAN);
  • Encourage churches to include FPC/FPA in their missions budget;
  • Solicit donors who wish to advance the mission of CAN/FPC/FPA;
  • Work toward making the CAN wholly church supported;
  • Plan ahead for major events such as elections, legislative sessions, court cases or other times when the prophetic voice of the church is needed in our culture (includes advertising and fundraising in conjunction with other Frontline staff);
  • Schedule and attend events as needed in conjunction with Frontline event staff;
  • Coach each team member within the organization on how to represent CAN at events or in personal conversation;
  • Maintain updated digital and printed materials for the support and marketing of the mission of the CAN in conjunction with the Director of Communications;
  • Advise the President on reaching minority communities, building broader coalitions, and winning diverse audiences to the mission of Frontline;
  • Partner with the broader Daniel Impact, utilize its resources, and strengthen the national movement;
  • Lead and manage CAN staff;
  • Perform other duties as directed by Frontline leadership.


Education, Skills, and Experience

  • A passion for God’s Word, for prayer, for Truth, and for grace-filled ministry;
  • Rich, vibrant, and joy-filled personal faith;
  • Strong biblical literacy, acumen, and theological understanding is required;
  • Professional understanding of the policy process and government strongly
  • Demonstrated commitment to mission, evangelism, and relationship building;
  • Strong interpersonal skills in person, in writing, and on the phone;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Clear biblical worldview and the ability to articulate the relationship of the Church to government and public policy;
  • Self-starter, independent, and motivated by a passion to see Frontline’s mission advance and the growth of Church Ambassador Network;
  • Ability to connect with minority church leaders and to reach government officials
    who are often not aligned with our issue profile;
  • Teachable with the ability to be proactive in closing gaps in skill and knowledge;
  • Strong time management and organization skills, able to meet deadlines and
    manage multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Ability to remain flexible in a fast-paced work environment;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • Relationships with Georgia pastors and churches preferred;
  • Basic knowledge of the Georgia legislative process is desirable.



  • Mature Christian with a developed biblical worldview, accountable, and in agreement with Frontline’s Statement of Faith;
  • Active member of a local Body of Christ;
  • Demonstrated and personal commitment to advancing Frontline’s mission and seeing Christ glorified in the public square;
  • Trustworthy and responsible;
  • Winsome and strategic communicator that fits the organization’s brand;
  • Understanding of political dynamics yet innate ability and desire to see past man-made partisan norms;
  • Nuanced yet consistent thinker;
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial;
  • Presents as a leader and highly professional – augmenting Frontline’s status as the leading voice for our principles;
  • Capable of operating within the broader Frontline team and also possessing the capacity to supervise others as growth allows.