My third son, Jarrett, is 5. We have never had an official diagnosis, but my wife and I are pretty sure that he was born without the ability to feel shame.

Everywhere Jarrett goes, he is going to dance if he wants to dance. He’s going to get your attention if he wants to get your attention. He’s going to say what he wants to say. The boy drips with swagger, and he seemingly knows no shame.

The shamelessness of Jarrett can create some challenges when your kid is a perpetual “class clown,” but the idea of “shamelessness” is not, in and of itself, a bad thing.

Note that, in Scripture, the first consequence of sin was shame.

David, a sinner who God still called a man after His own heart, was noted for his shameless joy in celebration of the King, especially in contrast to his hard-hearted wife (2 Samuel 6:14-16).

And, in Romans 1, shame is implied to be one of the great hindrances to the power of God to save when Paul cites his qualification for impact as “I am not ashamed…” (Romans 1:16).

This is why Frontline’s Impact Statement begins with the word “Unashamedly.”  Here is what we are about:

Unashamedly Setting a Biblical Standard for Georgia Public Policy, Leadership, and Culture that can Transform our State, Nation, and World for Generations to Come.

We believe this statement encapsulates the work we do, the basis of that work, and the unbelievably massive impact this work can have. And, it all starts with that mentality – Unashamedly.

Will you stand with us as we Unashamedly Set a Biblical Standard in 2024? Your donation of $10, $100, $1000, or more can have a HUGE impact as we seek to do transformative work “for such a time as this.”

With just a few days left before the New Year, we are $80,731.06 shy of our end-of-year goal, which would keep us on pace for our $500,000 Challenge Grant.

Just like Jarrett, we are shameless and unafraid. We look at a New Year knowing that we will see challenges. We will see hatred come our way. And, we know that the eyes of the world our on our work.

Will Georgia rise up to meet the challenge of the moment?

Will Frontline truly draw a line and advance for the cause of victory?

I believe, if we stand together, we will answer those questions in the affirmative.

Please consider a generous end-of-year donation to reach that goal!  


Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy