Today is a day that your inbox will fill up with email appeals asking for money. Many of those causes will be good and lofty, and some may be charities that you have supported for some time. I do not want to discourage you from supporting any of those.

I do, however, want to make the case for Frontline because I believe our impact is literally a game changer for the things that matter most.

At Frontline, we are Georgia’s leading pro-life organization, and our work literally saves lives.

Will you consider a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to help us continue leading the charge for life in Georgia – and providing pro-life leadership that affects the entire country?

We have built the state’s largest pro-family lobbying force, and our work literally makes the difference in protecting children from indoctrination, ensuring women’s spaces and sports teams remain FEMALE ONLY, and passing bold school choice legislation.

This legislative session, we are also committed to bills to protect your religious freedom, parental rights, and business opportunities. We literally are the leading conservative voice fighting for the future of our state and nation – protecting our values and the next generation.

Our organization does far more than just advocate for bills, though. We equip people of faith to be the driving force behind culture transformation, policy victories, and determining the leadership of our communities, state, and nation.

Frontline is literally the force rallying the Church in ways that have never been done in Georgia – ways that bring the authority of God’s Word to the Capitol and engage His people to affect outcomes.

Because of your support, we are able to literally affect the entire trajectory of our state and nation, and the world is literally changed by what we do in such a time as this, in such a place as this.

God uses this organization in mighty and transformative ways that literally will save lives, change lives, and secure a better future for generations to come.

As we ask for your support this Giving Tuesday, there is a demonstrable and literal impact to your gift. The support you give could literally change the course of lives and could change the course of history.

To extend the impact of your support, generous supporters have provided a $500,000 Challenge Grant that will literally double the size of Frontline, if matched. Can you contribute to this cause TODAY?

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy