Cedric Beckles


I am thrilled to share yet another addition to our Frontline team! Cedric Beckles, a passionate advocate for the local church and an experienced leader, has joined us as the Regional Director of the Church Ambassador Network.

Cedric, a second-generation pastor originally from The Bahamas, is a two-time graduate of Liberty University. His journey into full-time ministry began in 2008, pastoring for ten years in Northeast Ohio before the Lord called him to Georgia. Now, as the Executive Pastor of Family Discipleship at First Baptist Church Peachtree City, he brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to growing the local church, fostering discipleship, and raising biblical literacy among believers. Cedric has been married to Jessica for 15 years, and is the proud father of his 12-year-old son, Boston. One of Cedric’s key passions is challenging minds through the Word of God, and we are excited about the unique perspective and expertise he will bring to our team.

Possessing a depth of character and insight, Cedric is a natural fit to minister to Georgia’s elected officials – while unashamedly speaking truth, shaping their worldview, and bringing the authority of the church. I am confident in his ability to connect with the Ministers of the Gospel, encourage them to engage, and serve them as they equip their congregations.

I firmly believe that Church Ambassador Network has the power to transform the state of Georgia in a profound way, and I am proud to have Cedric join the team as a Regional Director – the first of many that we hope to hire as we aim to connect with the thousands of Bible-believing churches across Georgia and minister to the 236 members of the Georgia General Assembly, our extensive executive and judicial branches, and local governments. This is exactly the type of character, commitment, and thought-leader we are looking for as we shape the culture!

At Frontline, we are dedicated to raising the spiritual temperature of the Capitol. With Cedric as the Regional Director, we’re taking a significant step toward achieving this goal. Cedric will be at the forefront of growing and impacting the Church Ambassador Network, forging connections between shepherds of the Church and shepherds of government. He will boldly share the Word of God, minister to leaders in positions of authority, and encourage pastors and churches toward God-honoring civic engagement. Collaborating closely with CAN Director Scott McInnis, Cedric will play a key role in facilitating CAN meetings and expanding the ministry’s reach in the South Metro area. As we aim for unprecedented growth, Cedric’s dynamic leadership will be instrumental in shaping both the spiritual and political landscape of our state.

To help us fund this critical role for the Church Ambassador Network, please contribute $50, $500, $5,000, or whatever TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation you can make to Frontline Policy Council TODAY!

Please join me in welcoming Cedric Beckles to the Frontline family! His commitment to strengthening relationships and fostering Biblical citizenship aligns seamlessly with our mission.

If you’d like to connect with Cedric or extend your congratulations, you can reach him at cedric@frontlinepolicy.com.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio

President, Frontline Policy


Cole Muzio