We have a winning and God-honoring message, and, as we endeavor to provide leadership, shape the conversation, reach new audiences, and persuade our neighbors, we are thrilled to announce the hiring of our Director of Communications, Paige Morris.

Since graduating from the University of Georgia, Paige has spent her career working in public relations and communications – managing large portfolios, working on podcasts, directing digital strategies, drafting media communications, and even working in the music industry. In everything she has done, she has excelled.

However, Paige is a committed Christian who desires to use her skills to impact this world for King Jesus. When the firm she was working for took on some woke clients, she left them, and, in God’s providence, we were thrilled to connect shortly thereafter.

Rarely have I interviewed someone who immediately stood out as a “MUST HIRE.” That description, however, fits Paige. She combines confidence and humility, brings an incredible set of skills, and has a passion for this work.

In this role, it is imperative that we have someone who understands our brand, is winsome, and can communicate with boldness, grace, truth, and clarity. At Frontline, we hope to galvanize our stakeholders and win others to our cause while being truthful and God-honoring. This is not a typical “Comms” job, and it requires a special person to fill the role.

I am confident that Paige is exactly that person!

This role is one we have needed for a long time. Our plan is to roll out video content, podcasts, and be even more heavily engaged on social media. Paige will help us reach more people, keep you more informed, and develop messages that WIN – all while allowing our various team members to thrive in their mission.

To help us fund this critical Director of Communications role, please contribute $50, $500, $5,000, or whatever TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation you can make to Frontline Policy Council TODAY!

Some of you may have met Paige already, though she had a different last name then. She started with us in October and was on hand for our event in Augusta – even singing “God Bless America” at the event – and also at our Gala. However, after just a couple of weeks, she took a pre-planned hiatus for her wedding and honeymoon. She and her husband, Micah, were married just a couple of weeks ago. We are also thrilled to have Micah as part of the “Frontline Family!”

To email Paige about her role or to congratulate her on her role and/or recent marriage, feel free to contact her at paige@frontlinepolicy.com.

It is a great privilege to welcome this gifted communicator to our team!

For His Glory,


Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy