A challenge to Georgia’s Heartbeat Law was defeated this morning as the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the Life Act can remain in effect – and continue saving lives.

Those making the challenge contended the legal absurdity that, because Roe was in effect when Heartbeat was passed in 2019, the Life Act was void upon passage. They relied on a radical leftist judge for their initial favorable ruling – a ruling which paused the effect of the law until the Supreme Court reversed that about a month later while they considered arguments and ultimately made their ruling today.

Georgia’s highest court ruled that such an argument does not hold merit. In a polite way of saying, “it’s just plain silly,” here is what they said:

“In sum, then, the United States Constitution, not the United States Supreme Court, is the source of the Constitution’s meaning; the United States Supreme Court has no power to amend the Constitution through interpretation; and the test of the United States Constitution has not been amended since the LIFE Act was enacted. Thus, the United States Constitution means today what it meant when the LIFE Act was enacted in 2019, even if the United States Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution has changed.”

That’s a pretty strong textualist argument from our Supreme Court.

We are grateful for this victory, the decision of these judges, the commitment of Governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr to continue defending life, and the author of this bill, Ed Setzler, whose tenacity, wisdom, and fortitude resulted in this historic victory.

However, the battle is not done, and Frontline is committed to fighting on several fronts. Would you consider a $25, $50, $100, or greater donation today so we can continue fighting for LIFE?

Here’s our commitment:

  1. We remain committed to continuing to pass pro-life laws. The Heartbeat Law is just one step on the road to ultimate victory in ending the great atrocity of abortion.
  2. We are launching legal efforts to best defend the cause of life in the courtroom. This begins with hiring a full-time General Counsel to our staff.
  3. We believe in changing hearts and minds and continuing to develop and broadcast a winning message for the cause of life. That’s why we have a full-time Communications Director joining our staff.
  4. And, we believe that victory begins by engaging the Church, and we are committed to growing a thriving Church Ambassador Network.

Support our growing efforts and steadfast commitment by helping us meet our $500,000 Challenge Grant! Make your contribution TODAY!

This is a HUGE win for the cause of life, but the fight is not over at the ballot box, in the culture, in the General Assembly, or in the courtroom.

In fact, we do expect further legal challenges to the law. However, we remain confident that the LIFE Act will continue saving lives and shaping a pro-life culture.


Grateful for Victory.

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy