(Newnan, GA) – Frontline Policy Council extends heartfelt appreciation to three Georgia legislators, Senator Blake Tillery, Representative Steven Meeks, and Representative Bill Werkheiser, for their unwavering commitment to preserving the values cherished by the majority of Georgians. In a bold letter addressed to the Georgia State Library and Archives Commission, these legislators have called for the immediate separation of the Georgia Library Association (GLA) and the Georgia Archives Commission from the American Library Association (ALA).

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Cole Muzio, President of Frontline, expresses his support for this crucial endeavor, stating, “This is a time for leadership, and we commend Senator Tillery, Representative Werkheiser, and Representative Meeks for their refusal to equivocate while children are threatened. With the ALA devoted to systemic indoctrination, we encourage all members of the Georgia General Assembly to partner with these legislators in severing all ties to this vehicle for the exploitation of children.”

The legislators’ letter articulates their profound concerns over the recent election of Emily Drabinski as the ALA President, who openly identifies as a “Marxist lesbian” and is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Drabinski’s presidency and her avowed mission to advance a “queer perspective” within library work stand in stark contrast to the values upheld by the majority of Georgia residents.

It is evident, as the legislators point out, that the ALA and its current president have outlined a clear agenda: to exploit their positions in order to propagate indoctrination, expose children to obscene and sexually explicit materials, and perpetuate a Marxist ideology.

We stand in solidarity with these legislators and join their call to the Georgia Library Association, the Georgia Public Library System, and the Georgia Archives Commission to sever all ties with the ALA, echoing the sentiments expressed by Senator Tillery in this letter.

Muzio further emphasizes,  “There is not even a facade anymore – there is an all-out agenda to sexualize children and to use our tax dollars to promote obscenity, a questioning of basic biology, a dissociation from reality, and an erosion of innocence. Libraries across our state should be centers of knowledge and refuge, yet the leftist exploiters have made them battlegrounds. We are committed to taking back these institutions for Georgia families.”

In closing, we urge all Georgians to continue the fight alongside us against the weaponization of taxpayer-funded community institutions to promote radicalism, indoctrination, and obscenity. Frontline stands ready to once again support every effort to that end, and lead this charge under the Gold Dome with our legislative allies. Together, we can safeguard our values, our communities, and the well-being of our children.


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Frontline stands as Georgia’s foremost pro-life and pro-family organization, committed to safeguarding the core values that define our state’s identity. Reorganized and established under the leadership of Cole Muzio in 2021, Frontline has been at the forefront of groundbreaking legislative initiatives, including the Heartbeat Bill and Save Girls Sports. For more information, please visit FrontlinePolicy.com.

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