A little over two years ago, we announced the launch of Frontline. For my family and I, this was a huge risk, but it was also the next step in the calling God had placed on our lives.

We had seen God use and grow our ministry – notably passing the Heartbeat Law in 2019 – but we knew we needed to grow to be the force that our state and our nation needed. Through every challenge, every risk, and every time the Enemy has sought to convince us that this battle may just be too big, God has shown out and blessed this endeavor.

That’s why we are so thankful for another blessing and for generous donors who have provided a $500,000 Challenge Grant that we are asking supporters around the state to help us match before the end of the year!

As you know, we are already taking action to invest in growing Frontline to the force our state desperately needs. Because of these resources, we are:

  • Providing policy leadership through the hiring of 10-year legislative veteran Kevin Cooke [announcement here!];
  • Adding an attorney to our staff who will increase our capabilities at the Capitol AND work with us to build a Law Center capable of defending freedom for Georgians in the legal arena;
  • Growing our Church Ambassador Network team to connect with shepherds of government, increase the impact of the Church, and transform our state’s leadership with the power of the Gospel;
  • Enhancing our communications efforts to reach a bigger audience and shape the battle space with winning messages;
    Setting up a permanent office location where we can be joined by volunteers, hold meetings, and leverage the strengths of our staff;
  • And more…

We will be sharing more about the “Frontline Gameplan” and growth trajectory at the Gala. To be in the audience to learn about what God is doing and how He is building exactly what our state needs for such a time as this, PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

If you cannot attend the Gala but want to help us match this generous $500,000 Challenge before the end of the year, PLEASE CONSIDER A GENEROUS DONATION TODAY!

For those who may be new to our ministry and are interested in learning more and hearing from me before making a commitment, I would be happy to meet with you in the coming weeks and months. Feel free to email me at cole@frontlinepolicy.com to see when we can get together.

As I begin preparing some remarks for our Gala, I am fully aware of the epic battle before us. Those who oppose our values, wage war against the King, and seek to make this state and nation hostile to His truth, are strong in numbers and have a hefty war chest. Looking to 2024 and beyond, our opponents are strong.

Yet, I am in awe of what God is doing. He is starting an awakening among His people, stirring in the hearts of the faithful, and providing a gameplan for victory. I am humbled by the resources He is providing, and I am honored to invite you to participate with us in the battle.



Please be in prayer for these efforts. To fully achieve our goals and to grow this ministry how He is leading us to increase, it is going to take all of us. Our budget is expanding to meet the rising need, and we need everyone “all in” for the battle to advance the Frontline. Your support, prayers, and friendship mean a great deal to us.


God Bless,


President, Frontline Policy