This summer, we announced our launch as Frontline Policy, and the Lord has truly blessed us. Because of the generosity of our strong supporters, we have:

  • Set a record for funds raised in a quarter.
  • Hired new staff members.
  • Launched new initiatives.
  • Hosted our largest ever event – featuring former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany!
  • Built on our success as Georgia’s premier force for life, families, faith, and freedom.

We are growing, and we have a lot going on. We try to keep you updated, but we thought we would put some of our upcoming events and action alerts in one simple newsletter. More details to come.

New Website  

Since our launch, has been a basic site with our Issues and our Statement of Faith. We have now built out that site with more information that is easy to access. Check it out and let us know what you think! We will be adding more information as we go!

New Events  

December 1st  |  Pro-Life Prayer Rally

Frontline Policy Action will be holding a Prayer rally on December 1st at First Baptist Woodstock for the cause of life in our nation. Rally with believers as the Dobbs case is being made before the Supreme Court to Learn, Pray, and get Energized for the cause of life! (Click Here to Register)

January 8th  |  Thomasville Biblical Citizenship Academy (BCA)

Our BCA is a one-day training seminar and program of Frontline Policy Council, hosted at locations all across Georgia, designed to equip believers with the tools to engage in the community and political arena in constructive ways that both honor God and affect positive change in our state. We will be holding one at the Thomasville University Activity Center on Jan 8th from 9am to 3pm. (Click Here to Register)

January 15th  |  Biblical Citizenship Academy, Special Edition

Frontline Policy Council will host a special edition BCA at Mount Paran Baptist Church on Jan 15th, focused on the topic of education and issues in schools – featuring a soon-to-be-announced legislative initiative for the coming session. We will be explaining the major issues that face Georgia students, and the legislative remedies we will be taking to combat them, which will be featured in the upcoming months. (Click Here to Register)

New Action Campaigns  

We utilize a best-in-class software to connect our supporters with their legislators. It enables us to craft specific action campaigns for those who want to make a difference to make their voice heard on a variety of issues, from cultural activism to specific legislation. These are a few of our most recent campaigns. We would love for you to take action!

Fortify Georgia, Protect Medical Freedom. Say “No” to Mandates

We need your help to make it clear that our state will push back against unconstitutional overreaches by the federal government, and that we stand for the medical freedom of every individual. (Take Action)

Stop Drag Queen Christmas From Coming To Georgia! (Urgent!)

The Miller Theater in Augusta, GA is planning to host a “Drag Queen Christmas” this year. Despite the fact that they openly admit that this perverse show will feature “adult content” and “nasty shenanigans”, they are encouraging children of all ages to attend! We are asking you to participate in this campaign to tell the general manager, David Watts, that this has no business occurring in Augusta. (Take Action)

Support a Statue of Justice Clarence Thomas on Statehouse Grounds

Few Georgians have lived a life of such noteworthy distinction and few are so worthy of celebration. That’s why we are asking you to take action today to tell the Georgia General Assembly that it is time to honor Clarence Thomas with a statue on the State Capitol grounds. (Take Action)

New Prayer Requests  

 We want to put some prayer requests before you, our faithful supporters:

  1. Georgia’s special legislative session coming up November 3rd where new districts will be drawn heading into the critical 2022 election.
  2. Continued wisdom as we build this organization – hiring new staff, building new initiatives, and, yes, dealing with challenges internal and external (by the way, we have experienced some technical difficulties with emails. We are taking active steps to fix, and we do ask for prayer).
  3. Our end-of-year fundraising campaign will be launched soon. A significant portion of our budget comes from the home stretch of the calendar year.
  4. A consequential 2022 – featuring a major legislative agenda and elections that could fundamentally reshape Georgia.
  5. Perseverance and sincerity as we seek to honor Christ in all things – may we joyously live out the faith we proclaim!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to sharing many more hopeful updates soon!

God bless,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Council