Our Christian, conservative values are under attack in America. Silicon Valley wants to silence our voices. The radical left is actively cancelling anyone who refuses to bow down to their woke agenda. 

While conservative lawmakers battle for life, liberty, and opportunity, the real – but often overlooked – battle is happening behind closed doors.

Once a safe learning environment for students, our schools are the undeniable epicenter of indoctrination. The longstanding curriculum of reading, writing, and athematic has been corrupted by left-wing activists. Instead of training up future doctors, teachers, and business leaders, our schools are radicalizing the next generation. Our children are being exposed to false teaching, flawed logic, and fundamental anti-American rhetoric without consent. Students are forced to give in or face the wrath of woke administrators and teachers.

In a recent poll commissioned by Frontline Policy Action, nearly 80% of Georgia parents, grandparents, and guardians – from all walks of life – were concerned about the indoctrination of their respective student in the classroom. That’s why during the 2022 Legislative Session, we will champion the Save Our Students (S.O.S.) Initiative under the Gold Dome. 

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By banning divisive ideologies like Critical Race Theory, prohibiting obscene books and materials in the library, ending sex education in elementary school, and providing transparency so parents know what their children are being taught, we can ensure that the classroom is ripe for learning. With legislation to Save Girls Sports and protect teachers and coaches of faith, we will keep competition fair and safeguard religious freedom.

All eyes are on Georgia as the radical left plots a complete, radical takeover. As conservatives, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver real reforms that put students first and end the brainwashing of our best and brightest. We know the left will not go down without a fight but winning this battle is pivotal to earning victory in the greater war.

We cannot do this alone so please stand with us. Let’s fight with resolve and Save Our Students! 



Cole Muzio 

President, Frontline Policy Action