A few weeks ago, I emailed you Part 1 of a series we are doing entitled “What’s Next in the Fight for Life.”

You can read that email here.

In summary, that email says we must: Give thanks. Celebrate. And, reflect on what God has done.

As an aside, you can do these things with us on June 24th at our LIFE WINS: Dobbsiversary Celebration which includes a Diaper Drive to support Moms.  You can register for that event – which includes music, fun, speakers, free food, and bouncy houses – RIGHT HERE.

And that leads to the Part 2 of what’s next in the Fight for Life… Remember the Big Goal. See Every Human Being as an Image Bearer of God. Value Every Life. And, Work to End Abortion Entirely.

While we celebrate (and while we do so with a joyous heart), we must never lose sight of the reality that every single person is an Image Bearer. Every single person is valuable. And, every single abortion deprives a valuable Image Bearer of the Right to Life. Abortion is wrong, it is evil, and it must be ended.


Because we have come so far, it can be easy to “rest on our laurels” or “get comfortable” with the abortion situation. Fewer abortions occurring is a great victory. Fewer D&Es is worth celebrating. But, simply because there are fewer abortions and simply because the overwhelming majority of abortions occur by pill and therefore seem more “civilized,” we must constantly remind ourselves that no abortion is acceptable and every child is valuable.

Now, please hear me. This battle will take time. It will take relationships, resources, intentionality, prayer, and engagement across every sector of politics, policy, and culture. Georgia’s Heartbeat Law – which remains both a bold and awesome bill yet also an imperfect compromise – passed by only one vote in the House. We have pro-life leadership, but our state has not yet made the progress to be ready to end abortion entirely.

I can confidently tell you that an abortion ban – while a joyous victory – will not be the next pro-life victory in our state. There are more steps that need to happen. More work needs to be done.

We must maintain the right attitude. We must keep up the work. Yet, as we look at “What’s Next,” we must always remember the end goal – SAVE EVERY LIFE.

My family and I entered this fight 100% committed. We are in this battle to win it. And, I believe we will see the day where abortion is both illegal AND unthinkable. Until that day, we work, we pray, we give thanks, and we commit to seeing that day come.

As we labor toward that day – please remember our Dobbsiversary Event on June 24th. REGISTER HERE.

For Life,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy


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