On Friday, the State of Georgia submitted written arguments to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for the implementation of HB 481, the LIFE Act. Our expectation is that, within weeks, this law – protecting life and recognizing personhood – will govern our state.


While this historic and monumental development remains worthy of celebration, we know that the battle far from over. In fact, it is really only beginning.

We are in the life-saving business, and Frontline Policy Council is committed to ramping up pro-life efforts in this post-Roe world. Please help us save His image bearers with a generous tax-deductible donation of $25, $100, $250, or greater TODAY!

The State of Georgia has a compelling case – one Governor Kemp, Attorney General Carr, and the Georgia General Assembly have been fighting for since Day One. Our argument has always been right and rooted in science and common sense. Now, the law is also clearly on our side. This is from Georgia’s arguments:

The answer to the Court’s question could hardly be clearer: after Dobbs, Plaintiffs have no case. The district court entered judgment for Plaintiffs and enjoined the LIFE Act because it prohibits many pre-viability abortions and such a prohibition supposedly runs afoul of the federal constitutional right to an abortion. As Dobbs makes clear, there is no federal constitutional right to an abortion. Plaintiffs’ substantive-due-process argument thus cannot possibly succeed.

How amazing are those words to read, after decades of tyranny: there is no federal constitutional right to an abortion.

While our sister organization, Frontline Policy Action, will continue to engage in electing pro-life candidates, Frontline Policy Council is working to win the battle for our culture – changing hearts and minds, supporting adoption and foster care, caring for women, empowering the church, standing with frontline pro-life advocates and pregnancy resource centers, educating the public, providing policy, research, and talking points for state leaders, and much more.

We are rolling out new initiatives to advance the cause of life because we are so close to seeing our Heartbeat Law implemented – the game-changing legislation we fought so hard for. Please stand with us today by donating a life-saving (and tax deductible) gift of $25, $100, $250, or greater.

For years, the pro-life movement has been stymied from preventing one of history’s greatest atrocities by one of history’s greatest abuses of power. Now, THE POWER IS IN OUR HANDS!

Now is the time for us to act. Frontline is ready to lead the charge to save lives. We are so close to this game-changing law, but the work is only beginning. We are ready to fight for a Georgia where all life is cherished. Will you stand with us?

For Life,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Council