Around the state – and even outside of it – our Frontline team is leading the charge as we reach a critical point this legislative session.

Below is a rundown of some of our activities this week, but make special note of our HIGH priority bill that we announced this week – officially introduced by Sen. Clint Dixon – SB 141, which protects children from harmful “gender reassignment.” See more below, but to read the media coverage, click here.

Lawmakers have been filing many pieces of new legislation, committee schedules have been packed, and Frontline’s team has been at the Capitol daily to pray with legislators, monitor, and impact the policies governing our state. Please remember to keep your legislators in your prayers as they seek wisdom and discernment in handling many controversial and difficult issues.


On Monday, Frontline-endorsed Senate Bill 3, which would lower the number of government employment opportunities that mandate a 4-year college degree or other requirements that are unnecessary, passed out of the Senate Government Oversight committee. This bill, if passed, would ensure that each agency can hire the most qualified candidates and fill every position without unreasonable barriers to entry. It is a great issue for Principled Government and also helps families by reducing the pressure to attend college and accumulate debt.

The next day, our President, Cole Muzio, was in Thomasville for a successful event – educating about what’s going on in our state and how Frontline is leading the charge. As he travels the state, it is amazing the infrastructure and network we are building across Georgia that will allow our impact and influence to continue to grow. Praise the Lord!

President, Cole Muzio giving Capitol updates at our event in Thomasville

Also on Tuesday, Frontline Policy Council Director Scott McInnis joined our friend Paul Smith for his organization’s Pastor’s Day at the capitol, and I was able to step across for that meeting as well to hear Governor Kemp give pastors an update on his commitment to protecting religious freedom during his second term as governor.

Director of Council, Scott McInnis, with Paul Smith (left) and Director of Advocacy, Taylor Hawkins, with Governor Brian Kemp (right)

On top of this activity, two Frontline endorsed bills, Senate Bill 1, which would permanently ban COVID-19 vaccine passports, and Senate Bill 36 which attacks human trafficking by increased penalties for those who buy and sell human beings, both passed the Senate floor. Both of these bills have our full support. To urge your State Representative to vote for these pieces of legislation, click HERE for SB 1, and HERE for SB 36. Stay tuned for updates on these and many other Frontline-supported bills.

On Wednesday, Cole traveled to Miami, Florida for several days of meetings with fellow conservative leaders from around the country. He had the opportunity to visit with colleagues from other states (leaders of other family policy councils), connect with other national leaders, and visit with stakeholders. Below are just some of the friends he was able to connect with throughout the week, and he expects to hear from Governor DeSantis this evening. As Frontline continues to grow, Cole is working to ensure that we have a strong national voice and presence upon which we can advocate for our state and influence the direction of our country.

President, Cole Muzio with Jody Hice (left), with Star Parker (middle), and withTerry Schilling from APP (right)

Back at the Capitol, I attended the Senate Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, where a bill by one of the Governor’s floor leaders, Frontline-endorsed Senator Mike Hodges (Brunswick), was being heard. Senate Bill 42 incentivizes businesses to follow the law in posting the Human Trafficking hotline information in their place of work. This simple bill helps ensure that victims have the opportunity to seek help to break out of their terrible situations, and I was present to support this piece of legislation. SB 42 passed unanimously out of Committee and is headed to the full Senate floor next.

Director of Advocacy, Taylor Hawkins, testifying before a committee

Our Church Ambassador Network continues to enjoy great success with several impactful meetings this week. On Wednesday, they had the opportunity to have pastors pray with Representatives Beth Camp (Pike county) in her office. She commented on how invaluable the connections between pastors and legislators were and expressed her heartfelt prayers for the state of Georgia.

Later that day, our CAN team of pastors had the privilege of reading God’s word and praying with Representative Matt Barton (Calhoun) in his office as well. Continue to pray for these meetings, and that God would bless our legislators through connection to the spiritual leaders in their communities, and the ongoing prayer and discipleship.

From L to R, Director of Council, Scott McInnis, Rep. Matt Barton, Director of Christian Engagement, Sam Thomas, and Scott Tidwell, pastor

On Thursday, Senate Bill 3, (referenced above) passed the full Senate floor – making it one of only 7 bills to do so thus far – and is headed to the House of Representatives. Later that afternoon, I attended the newly-commissioned Senate Children and Families Committee which had their first official meeting with several presentations on Foster Care and Mental Health. There have already been a number of important bills filed that will be heard in this committee, and there will be quite a few more yet to come. We look forward to working with Chairwoman Kay Kirkpatrick (Marietta) and members of the committee to pass legislation to protect families and children in our state.

Most importantly, Thursday we announced legislation by Senator Clint Dixon (Buford) a close ally and friend of our ministry, that will ban so-called “gender re-assignment” surgeries and chemical treatments for minors! It is vitally important that our state take a stand and love our neighbor enough to refuse to allow radical gender ideology to weaponize the medical industry, causing irreparable harm to confused and vulnerable minors. Contact your legislators TODAY and urge them to support this effort! This is one of Frontline’s top priorities this session, and we will work tirelessly to help Senator Dixon in the senate and Representative Josh Bonner (Fayetteville) in the House pass this crucial legislation!


That’s just some of what our team has been working on this week – amongst other efforts peripheral to our Capitol engagement – and we crave your prayers as we continue to impact daily the governance of our state for the Glory of Christ and the protection and flourishing of His Children!


Pressing Onward,

Taylor Hawkins
Director of Advocacy