The Legislative Session is fully underway, and key bills are now moving. That’s why we are excited to roll out our Action Alert system for this year. Below is a rundown of just some of the initiatives we are supporting/opposing that you can TAKE ACTION on.

This system will allow you to directly contact your legislators. Simply enter in your information, select the option to “TAKE ACTION” and then the next screen will have an email that you can send to them directly.



This battle is simple – we cannot allow for the mutilation, castration, and sterilization of vulnerable children in Georgia. And, we are fighting back.

SB 141 by Sen. Clint Dixon will ban “gender reassignment” surgeries from being performed on minor children. It will also prevent such chemicals and hormone treatment, and it will bar school officials from concealing from parents that a minor is “identifying” as a different gender than their biological sex.

Now is the time to protect these vulnerable children in our state!

To express your support for SB 141, click here.



SB 1 by Senator Greg Dolezal would remove the sunset clause on last year’s Frontline-supported bill banning COVID-19 vaccine passports. This means, upon passage, our state would be permanently banning requirements forcing you to take the vaccine against your wishes.

To express your support for SB 1, click here.



SB 36 by Senator Randy Robertson would increase the mandatory minimum sentences for buying and selling human beings. In so doing, we attack the demand for human trafficking, ensure the criminals spend time behind bas, and protect victims of all ages.

This is the next step in the fight to protect the dignity of all human beings, safeguard victims, and reduce human trafficking in our state.

To express your support for SB 36, click here.



In addition to those two bills, Frontline is an early supporter of the school choice bill HB 54 by Representative John Carson. This bill would empower thousands of Georgia families to receive school choice scholarships – making a huge difference for those students and their families.

To express your support for HB 54, click here.



On the other hand, Frontline remains opposed to gambling expansion and multiple bills have been dropped that would allow for horse racing and for sports betting. These bills are harmful to Georgia’s economy, mental health efforts, budget, and  families. Our latest intel suggests that the current bills are unlikely to be the ones that ultimately move – though that is always subject to change.

So, for a general message expressing your opposition to gambling expansion, click here.


 I hope that you will take the time to utilize all five of these alerts. Each sends a clear message to your elected officials that you are engaged, paying attention, and ready to encourage them as they seek to do the right thing.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks!


Standing Strong,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy