Yesterday, we asked you to pray for our efforts to protect children in Georgia from “gender reassignment.” These vulnerable children cannot make such life-altering decisions as minors, and we have called on the Georgia General Assembly to take strong and clear action.

Your prayers, emails, texts, calls, and support yesterday were felt, and it meant a great deal.

Our goal is to ban surgeries, prevent hormone replacement, stop the use of puberty blockers for this purpose, etc. We want legislation that will hold up in Court, fully protect kids, and have the clarity and strength needed to ensure this evil ends in our state.

Here is the good news: Yesterday, for the first time ever, a bill aimed at protecting children from these attacks passed a committee!

SB 140 now moves to Senate Rules Committee and could receive a full vote on the Senate Floor as early as next week. We want to thank Sen. Carden Summers, Chairman Ben Watson, and the 10 members of the Senate Health Committee that cast a strong vote in favor of moving forward with this legislation.

We also would like to thank Sen. Clint Dixon, who authored SB 141, for his stalwart commitment to protecting children. While his bill was heard in committee, the focus now shifts to SB 140 and making it stronger. In the continued fight, we continue to count Sen. Dixon among our strongest allies and conservative champions – on this issue and others.

Additionally, we want to offer a special word of thanks to Dr. Quentin Van Meter, who took time out of his day to testify and provide his expertise, and to all the others who came to speak to protect kids. Finally, we want to recognize Congressman Rich McCormick who, despite focusing on battling the woke challenges and pure evil in Washington, DC, remains so committed to what is good and right in our state that he took time to write a letter of support for our cause.

Here is the challenge: We continue to have concerns on the language of this bill in relation to the goals we have outlined above. While we will likely have “Action Alerts” on this next week, I want to ask you to remain in prayer for this cause, for those – even those oppose – who are personally affected by this issue, for wisdom, for ultimate success/passage, and for important language changes to be made.

I believe that we have support to make this bill stronger as it moves through the process.

I know that history is on our side, science is on our side, and public opinion is on our side.

I am certain that boldly standing for these vulnerable children and for the contentment they can find in how He has made them is a just cause and a moral imperative.

Please continue to pray.

If you would like to support our efforts as we engage on this legislation, please consider a generous donation of $50, $100, $250, or more TODAY. As you can imagine, combatting the woke agenda during session is an expensive endeavor that leaves little time for fundraising so, any contribution you can make would be most appreciated!


For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy