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It’s “pride month,” and a recent topic around the LGBTQ+ Agenda is the word “grooming” – the idea that the “rainbow coalition” is working to push their agenda on children and “groom” them to follow in their footsteps.

Let me be clear: yes, there is absolutely an agenda to groom our children to identify outside of God’s design for their gender and sexuality.

In recent years, we have seen an all-out push – and we are bombarded with it this month – to impose this unnatural agenda upon us.

Conservative personality Will Ricciardella recently summed up the “transition” the LGBTQ+ movement has undergone by saying, “the whole LGBT movement went from ‘stay out of our bedroom’ to ‘hey there kindergartener, you should know what happens in our bedroom’ real fast.”

Now, listen, the term “grooming” can often be used to imply a pedophile-agenda. When one sees some of the horrific videos from a “Drag Queen Story Hour” – like the one held over the weekend at the Atlanta Children’s Museum – it’s impossible not to see the very real threat our kids face from truly wicked adults. Most “grooming,” however, is not necessarily adults aiming to personally abuse kids. It’s adults aiming to expose kids to their sexual agenda so that more of them will identify that way and that most of them will be indoctrinated with the idea that unnatural lifestyles are normal, acceptable, and, even, praiseworthy.

The Left wants to narrow the term “grooming” to pedophilia so that they have an easier time arguing their case. We need to wholeheartedly fight a “grooming” agenda that is systemic and pervasive.

Grooming is the intentional cultivation of sexual discussions with young children with the objective of compelling them to question God’s perfect design and to “sexualizing” their own identity prior to maturation.

LGBTQ+ individuals in a position to manipulate young people place a premium on the notion that young kids – as young as 3 and 4 – should actively be taught about the phony concept of “gender identity,” “preferred pronouns,” etc. This “queer teacher” even said refusing to do so is homophobia/transphobia.

A recent tweet by Ben Shapiro underscores part of their rationale: “The enormous increase in minors suddenly identifying as non-gender-conforming or transgender has nothing to do with actual gender dysphoria, which is a diagnosable and rare condition, and everything to do with social contagion and Munchausen by proxy.”

The rapid growth in the number of LGBTQ+ identifying kids is entirely due to an education system, an entertainment industry, and a culture that seeks to tell innocent children that their gender and sexuality is a question mark, that they could have been made wrong, and that it is “cool” and “trendy” to “come out” and identify as a member of their growing alphabet community.

Again, the reason for this is simple – it’s for the wicked adults, not the kids. Kids, unless their woke LGBTQ+ parents are prompting them, are not going into classrooms asking if they can “learn more about sex and gender identity.” Adults push this agenda so children will help normalize their life choices.

A tweet from Arielle Davidson summed up the crisis well: “Two Americas are emerging: one that lets kids be kids, the other that repurposes children to be affirmation factories for adults. This won’t end well.” Specifically, she was referencing adults who indoctrinate children regarding support for abortion, but the same principle here applies.

Scripture tells us that those who embrace a lifestyle of sin are living in spiritual death. There is a void, and they know it. They do not experience the joy of God’s Design, so they seek to exploit our children to affirm their deviant lifestyle.

This is why it is these two issues upon which the radical Left becomes the shrillest – abortion and the LGBTQ+ Agenda. They know they are wrong. They stand against science, logic, reason, and God’s self-evident design. (Romans 1:20)

Read the false pretense and urgency of this AJC op-ed accusing the Georgia General Assembly of essentially “denying the existence of transgender children.”

First, I will not lend credence to the language of “transgender children,” but, secondly, the argument is rooted in a completely unscientific and illogical notion that boys who identify as girls should be treated as girls. Such treatment is intellectually dishonest, unfair to actual girls, and harmful to that child – who should receive help for their psychological condition.

But who does it help? It helps the adults who want an army of LGBTQ+ kids who will affirm their sinful choices.

Liberal comedian, Bill Maher – yes, even Bill Maher sees this as a problem – recently challenged the transgender movement. He said, “we are literally experimenting on children.” He even cites that Finland and Sweden are taking a more conservative approach to puberty blockers – banning them – than our nation is.

Maher then goes onto hit the nail on the head. The generational rise in LGBTQ+ numbers are due primarily to this fact – “it’s trendy.” And how does it get “trendy? By grooming young children to think that biology as the standard for defining one’s sex is outdated.

Children do not conclude that one’s gender is a social construct on their own. They get that lie directly from adults whose sole purpose and intention is indoctrination.

Maher says denying this fact is simply a “blow being struck in the culture wars, using children as cannon-fodder.”

I feel gross quoting Bill Maher so much, but, FINALLY, popular culture – even those who we have long cited as far leftists – are waking up to the horror we are perpetrating against our children. To watch Maher’s monologue (which, to warn you, is not exactly a Christian presentation), click here.

It is undeniable that our culture is doing everything possible to force this upon our children. And “grooming” is a highly appropriate word for this phenomenon.

Sadly, this isn’t something that can be fixed over night with legislation. Even insecure parents play a role in grooming their children! One terribly sad example is available in this video.

Other examples come from “private business.” Whether it’s a store like Target – see some of the clothes in their kids’ section here – or an entertainment company like Disney, woke corporate is pushing this agenda.

As conservatives, we have often resisted any regulation on businesses. However, we must increasingly grapple with how to fight back against a woke agenda. We must be willing to do what it takes to protect the innocence of our children – even rethinking certain longstanding policy approaches.

As the radical Left fights against the term “grooming,” we face the reality that our society is, in fact, “grooming” our children to embrace a wicked lifestyle that will never make them happy.

For the sake of the next generation, we must fight back.

This fight starts with the church. It starts with us. We need to stand for God’s Design. Are you with us?

Because our children are worth protecting,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Council