Right now, I’m on a flight to Des Moines, Iowa – where I will join our Director of Church Ambassador Network, Scott McInnis, who arrived in the Hawkeye State yesterday.

I thought I’d take a minute to tell you why Frontline will be spending the next few days in the Midwest.

There are three main reasons:

1. We are growing our Church Ambassador Network

In just a short time since the of launch “CAN,” we have built a massive database of churches and facilitated hundreds of touches between pastors and government officials. And, we are seeing the results! I believe Church Ambassador Network has a HUGE role to play as we build Frontline into the dominant force we strive to be in our state.

Over the next several days in Iowa, we will be meeting with our counterparts in that state – who pioneered this effort – and about a dozen or so other states that are doing Church Ambassador Network. We will talk about ways we can improve, grow, thrive, and impact here in Georgia – ways we can better help the Church LEAD! And, we will discuss how we can collaborate to make God’s Church right here in America more radiant. This will be a great time to learn from one another and build a more successful movement!


(From left to right, top to bottom, Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Tim Scott, and Vivek Ramaswamy.)

2. We will be hearing from presidential candidates

Iowa is the First in the Nation Caucus, and they will be voting on January 15th, setting the tone for the nomination contest. While we are in Iowa, we will attend The Family Leader Summit, hear from the presidential candidates seeking pro-family votes, and interact with them on a personal level.


3. We will be representing Georgia

This will be a gathering of key conservative leaders from all around the country – discussing next steps for our movement, how we can lead, and partnering together for the glory of God.

At Frontline, we are not just a “one-off,” standalone organization. We connect with national partners and collaborate with 40 other Family Policy Councils in their various states. It’s a privilege to be at the table for national discussion, to represent our state, and to work together across the movement to see results!

Since launching Frontline, we have seen our influence continue to grow nationally, and we have the opportunity to represent Georgia in important discussions aimed at elevating our state and also saving our Republic.


With your support of Frontline, you are standing with an organization that is not only the most impactful pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-freedom organization in Georgia – you are standing with an organization of genuine national significance. Not one that preens for attention, but one that actually leverages a movement across our country to glorify King Jesus.

Can you stand with us today – especially with our efforts to impact God’s Church? Make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation of $50, $250, $1,000, or more to help grow Church Ambassador Network TODAY!

I cannot wait to see how we will build this network, and I’m excited to share and to learn this week. Most importantly, I cannot wait to see the impact God’s Church can make right here in Georgia and the movement we can spark across the country!


For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy