Did you see the great news over Resurrection weekend?

A federal judge issued a ruling against the FDA’s reckless approval of abortion-inducing drugs – a ruling that will go into effect in 7 days barring an appeal from the Biden Administration.

These dangerous drugs were wrongfully approved, and now could soon be taken off the market altogether, a move that would save lives and protect women from harm.

Praise God for this victory! However, as we celebrate this ruling, we know that the policy and culture battle for life is only beginning.

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This legal win – while a true blessing – is sure to fuel the anger, vitriol, and political retribution of the radical left. In fact, many are pointing to the boldness of Gov. Ron DeSantis in signing a Heartbeat Law in Florida to say he is “unelectable.” We must overcome the media efforts to make abortion a losing issue in the culture battle!

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Finally, many of you have reached out about the violent attacks University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines – who has been speaking up for biological females in sports – suffered when she tried to speak at San Francisco State University.

What she endured was horrific!

At the same time, the Biden Administration is seeking to use Title IX – established to empower and enhance opportunities for women – as a vehicle to attack states, like Georgia, that have taken steps to protect women’s sports.

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This government’s wickedness will continue to ruin our culture.

And the only answer and solution is the Church – engaged, equipped to be salt & light, and unashamedly speaking Truth.

Your support of Frontline Policy Council in this crucial moment empowers the Church. This legislative session, our team was able to get pastors involved at the Capitol like never before, and we are looking to multiply those efforts over the coming year.

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We are a nation in crisis. There is no civility and no common set of values. A culture war has been waged against Christians, against the next generation, and against our Founding values for decades.

Are you ready to fight back?

You need to have an answer to that question because things will only get worse before it gets better. This war is escalating, not slowing down. And we need you in the trenches with us!


In the Fight,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council