Today, SB 140 was heard in the House Public Health Committee.

With conservatives concerned about the weakness of the measure and liberals up in arms over anything that might possibly be critical of their gender ideology religion, no testimony was given in favor of the legislation.
However, an important amendment was offered to the bill by Rep. Jodi Lott – an amendment that removes the prohibition on minors mutilated by doctors, in violation of this law, from seeking civil damages.

Because of Rep. Lott, the House, and the members of the Public Health Committee, these children – should this bill ultimately become law – will be able to hold these abusive and woke doctors accountable! Praise God!

We still have concerns about the bill. It still includes a massive “medical necessity” exception – which effectively guts the bill – and it still fails to address puberty blockers – which will allow Big Pharma to pump children with these dangerous drugs indefinitely. And, the language of the bill is still poorly constructed.

That said, the heinous provision of preventing children who have been harmed by doctors from seeking civil damages is gone for now. And, that is a praise!

I want to thank Speaker Burns, Rep. Lott, the members of the Committee, and the conservative advocates who have been working behind the scenes to strengthen this bill. As I told you this morning, this battle continues to be in the Lord’s hands.

As far as next steps, the bill now moves to House Rules Committee which could amend the bill further and makes the determination of whether and when the bill will receive a vote on the House Floor. Because the bill has now changed, it will go to the Senate for an “Agree” or “Disagree” vote. If the Senate chooses to “Disagree,” it will go to what is called a “Conference Committee” which then can make numerous changes to the bill.



Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council