I am going to confess something to you – I struggle with anxiety.

One of the most embarrassing points in my life happened a few years ago when I went to the doctor. My heart was racing, and I could barely breathe. I knew I was stressed, but I was stunned when the doctor gave me a diagnosis: I was having an anxiety attack.

Now, I don’t have any illusions about what my anxiety is and why it manifests. I struggle with anxiety because I struggle with sin. I subconsciously believe I am gifted enough, talented enough, strategic enough, or hardworking enough to overcome any struggle or challenge. I struggle with anxiety because – as a “type A”/ “driven” personality my first instinct is to place my faith in a deeply flawed “champion,” myself, to solve problems.

This afternoon, at 1:00pm, the House Public Health Committee will hear SB 140, a bill purporting to protect children from “gender reassignment” yet failing to do so.

Yesterday, as I received this news and began to get some negative signals about where things stood, I grew anxious. This has been a BATTLE, and I feel like our strategy has been good, our coalition strong, and our cause just. Yet, every time I feel like we are making progress, I see the spiritual and physical forces arrayed against us seeming like they have the upper hand. In moments like this where nothing you try seems to work, the natural temptation is to give into anxiety.

So why do I share this?

I share this because I want to be completely honest with you. As I write this (at 11:27pm on Monday night), I KNOW that there is no strategy I can use, no “play” I can make, no words I can say that will make the difference today (tomorrow, as I write this). I WILL be faithful. I will use the best strategies I can. I will call the best plays I can. I will use the best words I know how.

But, I want to be up front and honest with you: if we are successful today or in the coming days, let there be no doubt – GOD DID IT.

AND, if we are not successful today or in the coming days, let there be no doubt – GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL.

To Him be the glory in Victory. To Him be the glory in (temporary) defeat.

This leads me to my plea: I am asking you to pray. I am asking you to put it before Him who is sovereign, Him who is good, and Him who reigns. Pray for His mercy – that He will show out in a mighty way and allow amendments to SB 140 so this legislation can truly protect kids.

Please take a moment to pray.

To remind you, here are the four main problems with this legislation:

1) Poor construction – SB 140 will get challenged if it is signed into law. The bill’s construction and vagueness make it likely to get thrown out, which will then be cited as precedent to challenge other state’s laws.

2) A broad “medically necessary” loophole – Building on the bill’s haphazard legislative findings, SB 140 has a false assumption that it could be “medically necessary” to perform “gender reassignment” surgery on a minor child. Let me be clear – it is NEVER medically necessary to mutilate a child! This loophole, however, effectively guts the bill.

3) No prohibitions on puberty blockers – The bill does nothing to prevent doctors from pumping children with puberty blockers in order to delay what their body will naturally do. This sets the children up to then get the surgeries, and these puberty blockers are undeniably dangerous. (https://dailycaller.com/2023/03/11/pioneer-in-child-gender-dysphoria-treatment-says-trans-medical-industry-is-harming-kids/)

4) Denial of justice for children – One of the most shocking provisions I have ever seen in a piece of legislation is this – SB 140 specifically BANS children who have been castrated, sterilized, and mutilated by doctors, in violation of this bill, to sue those doctors. That’s right – this bill protects woke doctors who perform these surgeries at the expense of Georgia kids!

We cannot support this legislation as it is, and we are IMPLORING you to pray for amendments to fix these problems.

If you would like to utilize our current Action Alert, you may do so, here.

If you feel led to donate to our efforts, you may do so, here.

However, I am coming before you today – a sinner who struggles with anxiety – to simply ask you to acknowledge the God who sits on the throne, to put this situation and our efforts before Him, and to humbly ask for Him to work a miracle.



Giving Him My Burdens,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council