In 2022 America, the month of June is co-opted by those who want to embrace evil, “groom” our children, and seek to pass their warped distortion of human sexuality as “normal.”

It isn’t normal. You don’t have to accept it. And, as a Bible-believing Christian, you are called to reject a radical ideology that encourages people to be “proud” of sin.

The LGBTQ+ lifestyle is exactly that – sin. And the LGBTQ+ Agenda is a desire to normalize sin, to impose “acceptance” of sin on others, and to “groom” a rising generation to view anyone willing to stand for truth as hateful, bigoted, and narrow-minded.

Join Frontline Policy Council in intentionally rejecting “pride month.” Here are 7 ways to do just that:

  1. Deny money to those that heavily promote “pride month” – Woke corporate culture is all about indoctrination and normalizing the celebration of the sinful lifestyle of a very small segment of Americans. If you see a big corporation imposing “pride month” on you, don’t shop there – at least for June – and make sure to let them know why!
  2. Speak out on social media – Countless ads and agendas are going to be pushed on the major social media platforms. Take the time to write loving, winsome, and Christ-centered posts pointing people toward a better way. Let those in your orbit know that they don’t have to be afraid to speak out against sin and that God’s Design is far sweeter than anything the LGBTQ+ lifestyle can offer up.
  3. Urge your pastor to discuss God’s Design for human sexuality – Everywhere you turn over the next month, you will see messages pushing a radical, anti-God sexual agenda. It’s going to be inescapable. So, why should the only place where you don’t hear about sexual issues be the church? Encourage your pastor to counter the message heard in the world this month!
  4. Ground your family in God’s Word – The best source for our movement to push back against this evil agenda is Christian families living out their faith and not succumbing to the world. Guard your hearts, ground your children in prayer, teaching, and the Word. Make sure your family rejects this agenda.
  5. Make your marriage inwardly and outwardly joyful – Popular culture portrays Christians as fuddy duddys and the sinful world as full of fun and glee. However, we know the truth: no lasting happiness can come from sin, and following God’s Design – while not always an easy path – brings great joy. Show the world, through how you interact with your spouse, that Christian marriages are full of vigor and joy. At the same time, may it not be simply an outward act. Delight in your spouse and enjoy the blessing God has given you in the covenant of marriage!
  6. Vote on June 21st and sign up to volunteer for a local candidate who supports God’s Design – So many of the policy battles we face as a state and nation intersect with the radical LGBTQ+ agenda. It is imperative that we elect those who will stand up and oppose the woke corporate, radical media, and leftist bullies who want to impose this agenda on us.
  7. Donate to Frontline Policy Council – There is no better way to spite the left and those pushing “pride month” than giving to the organization that is going toe-to-toe with them on a regular basis. We are the tip of the spear in fighting this agenda, and we do not have the woke corporate sponsorship of the alphabet coalition we fight against. We need Bible-believing Christians who support truth to stand with us.

Can you join us in rejecting “pride month” by donating $25, $50, $100, or more TODAY?

Over the course of this month, we will send out more messages opposing this ruinous and idolatrous celebration of sin. We will seek to balance those messages with important updates about the Dobbs decision and the cause of life, but we hope you will stay tuned for these messages and share them as possible.

Because God Designed a Better Way,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Council