Sen. Jason Anavitarte and Frontline Policy Council Issue Joint Statement of Support for Sheriff Johnny Moats

“The Constitution guarantees the right to religious expression, and faith is a cornerstone of who we are as a state and as a nation. Sheriff Moats is an exemplary official in Polk County, and this latest effort from an atheist Milwaukee-based group to come to Georgia and bully those who simply express their faith will not be tolerated. This is a shakedown and an attempt to silence those who would beseech our Lord for His blessings and look to Him for guidance.

“In Polk County and in the State of Georgia, we support the free expression of religion, and we love our neighbor. We applaud Sheriff Moats for his faith, for his refusal to back down, and for his leadership. It is our pledge to continue to fight back against those whose hostile to our values, those who seek to impose their will upon us, and efforts to cancel and impugn those who exercise their God-given and constitutionally protected First Amendment rights.”