Tuesday, Senator Ed Setzler introduced SB 180, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which ensures that your religious freedom will be treated as a first class right, just like your right to free speech or free assembly.

This legislation mirrors the federal RFRA, which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993 with sweeping bipartisan support. With the radical, Marxist, and anti-faith worldview that permeates so many now in power in Washington and the drastic overreach of government, we cannot afford to wait any longer to secure this right for all Georgians.

TAKE ACTION NOW by clicking this link – which will connect you with your legislators. Simply enter your information, click the “TAKE ACTION” button, and you will be taken to a screen where you can send a message directly to your legislators urging them to support RFRA.

(Please note, this is still a new system. A few had a technical difficulty last time when trying to send multiple messages. If you experience any challenges, please email Suzanne at suzanne@frontlinepolicy.com. We are still trying to improve your access to your elected officials, and we want to provide you with the best possible experience.)

A great video about RFRA has been produced so that you can better understand and discuss this important legislation. To view this video, click here.

To see our quote in the AJC about the bill, click here, or, to see our quote about how conservatives are standing up against the radical left, click here.

Senator Setzler is a dear friend and strong ally. He has labored over this issue for years and has put in extensive work to give us our best chance to pass this bill. He is a godly and devoted public servant, and this is why Frontline Policy Action made his election our #1 priority this cycle. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as he battles for your religious freedom!

Now, we are also grateful that Setzler does not stand alone. With him included, 25 of the 33 Republicans in the Senate have signed onto the legislation. 29 votes are needed to pass in that Chamber, and we are confident that a few who have not co-sponsored are strongly with us. However, we encourage you to either thank your Senator for signing on OR ask them to make certain to take this important stand.

Here are the 25 who have already given their public support by co-sponsoring the bill:

  1. Setzler, Ed – 37th
  2. Brass, Matt – 28th
  3. Anavitarte, Jason – 31st
  4. Gooch, Steve – 51st
  5. Payne, Chuck – 54th
  6. Summers, Carden – 13th
  7. Anderson, Lee – 24th
  8. Robertson, Randy – 29th
  9. Harbin, Marty – 16th
  10. Dixon, Clint – 45th
  11. Moore, Colton – 53rd
  12. Williams, Rick – 25th
  13. Hickman, Billy – 4th
  14. Dolezal, Greg – 27th
  15. Hufstetler, Chuck – 52nd
  16. Dugan, Mike – 30th
  17. Goodman, Russ – 8th
  18. Watson, Sam – 11th
  19. Beach, Brandon – 21st
  20. Burns, Max – 23rd
  21. Still, Shawn – 48th
  22. Ginn, Frank – 47th
  23. Kennedy, John – 18th
  24. Watson, Ben – 1st
  25. Cowsert, Bill – 46th

Remember, please TAKE ACTION by contacting your representatives TODAY. Be in prayer. Encourage your pastor to engage. Together, we can protect Religious Freedom!


For the Faith,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy