This is one of the hardest emails I have had to write because something that is so evil – the castration, sterilization, and mutilation of children – should lead to a strong and bold response.

Instead, the legislation that now moves forward falls short of the mark.

Late last night, the Senate passed SB 140, the gender reassignment bill. It is deeply flawed, and, if the current language were to make it into law, it would set our movement back, substantially.

Over the years, I have seen some extraordinary things from the Georgia General Assembly, and I am so grateful for the recent actions of the Georgia State Senate to stop gambling and pass school choice.

The strong majority of Republican senators do vote as conservatives. They wanted to do the right thing on this issue, and they are leaders with courage and conviction. Unfortunately, a small cabal on the Republican Caucus’s left flank refused to yield and insisted on language that would shield the woke medical industry rather than protect vulnerable children.

The current language of SB 140 cannot become law. It MUST change as it moves forward in the House.

Here is what this weak, watered-down bill does:

1) It creates a false “medically necessary” exception. – Let me be clear, it is NEVER “medically necessary” to transition a child. This broad, woke exception allows for doctors to mutilate a child based on their own false judgment of “medical necessity.”

2) This bill allows for doctors to pump minors with puberty blockers, setting them up for “gender reassignment” once they hit 18. – Puberty blockers are dangerous and set children up for failure. Instead of allowing their bodies to work things out as God designed, this bill allows Big Pharma to profit off of a child’s confusion, indulge their vulnerability, and encourage reassignment down the road.

3) And, this is truly abhorrent: it bans children who have been mutilated by doctors from then suing the doctors that mutilated them. That’s right – a doctor can violate this law, do irreparable harm to a child, and avoid any civil liability. If this language passes as is, a child would have fewer rights to seek damages from the woke medical community than they actually do, today.

Legal experts also tell us that the poor construction of the bill is likely to see this legislation struck down and then cited for why legislation in other states should be struck down as well.

Again, please hear me, the strong majority of Senators supporting this legislation were not actively supporting these provisions. They want to protect kids and wanted to “move the bill forward,” since it was their only option (barring inserting good language into another bill). We are not holding this vote against the entire group, but we are well aware of the small number who steered this language in the direction of the woke medical community.

This battle now moves on to the House, and we will be alerting you along the way, as we advocate for the necessary changes.

Please pray. Georgia needs strong action here. Our kids deserve true protection. This is not the time for milquetoast action, sloppy legislation, or putting woke industries ahead of the vulnerable. This is a time for leadership, a time to get it right, and a time to take a stand against wickedness.

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Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy