For nearly fifty years, our nation has been governed by the most heinous, morally reprehensible, unconstitutional, and godless precedent – an era of human history we will long be ashamed of – the evil Roe v. Wade decision.

Today, the Supreme Court announced a decision that overturns Roe. May God be praised!

For months, we believed this news could be coming, and, for weeks, we have been aware of the leak that showed what was coming. Still, I cannot put into words the emotion I am feeling as it’s become official: the tyranny of Roe is at an end.

No longer does our nation mandate the sanctioned killing of the innocent.

No longer is it the official policy of our nation that one of the most heinous evils in human history must be allowed.

And no longer is our state held hostage and kept from protecting human life as we see fit.

With the work only beginning, please consider a generous donation as we enter the post-Roe world. Help Frontline continue to be Georgia’s leader in advancing the cause of LIFE by helping us reach our $10,000 Post-Roe goal!

Soon, Georgia’s Heartbeat Law – made possible the vision of Ed Setzler, the courage of Brian Kemp, the boldness of the Georgia General Assembly, and the work of this organization that you have so strongly stood alongside – will be the law of the land in our state. Babies with beating hearts will be protected! Hallelujah!

I am overjoyed with this news, but I know this – the battle is only beginning.

Make no mistake about it. God has made EVERY human being in His image. That means ALL life is valuable, and we cannot stop until His image bearers are protected and cherished from conception to natural death.

We will work until our laws protecting life reflect the value He places on every, single person.

In that vein, we also are faced with the reality that Georgia’s Heartbeat Law passed by one vote in the State House. With so much on the line, Frontline Policy Action is committed to electing bold, pro-life leaders up and down the ballot – those who will do what is right regardless of what is politically convenient. We have much work to do to keep and expand a pro-life majority and build a coalition of lawmakers willing to stop the killing of the innocent.

We will work until those who make our laws value every human life and are willing to stand up and protect them.

With this great victory, we know that – in His abounding goodness – we will see more births in this state and in this country. That does not mean every mother will be prepared or ready for this post-Roe world.

We will work to make sure every pregnant woman is supported and that our churches and people of faith seize this opportunity to show the love of Jesus Christ.

And, finally, we rejoice that our culture is trending toward life. However, we also understand that it does not fully embrace the value of every human being. There is much work to do to make certain that our cultural consensus soon transforms into one that is truly God-glorifying and one that can sustain and chooses to preserve a series of pro-life gains.

We will work to ensure that abortion is not only illegal but also culturally unthinkable.

To partner with Frontline as we work to transform our culture, develop pro-life policy, and engage in the cause of life, please consider a tax-deductible gift TODAY to celebrate this momentous victory!

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio


Frontline Policy Council