I cannot begin to tell you how much the outpouring of support for my new responsibility directing and growing the Frontline Conservative Business Alliance (FCBA) has meant to me. So many of our friends are now standing with FCBA because they want their voice heard at our Capitol! They know we are pushing back against the WOKE nonsense.

As we approach year-end, I’ve been asked by many of you the best ways to utilize the resources He has given you as well as the tax implications of your giving.

While I know I’m biased, having seen Frontline operate for 4 years now, I know it’s the organization creating an impact worthy of your support. From a culture, policy, and politics perspective, Frontline delivers the results we conservatives want. It’s why Donna and I both fully supported the organization’s agenda and joined FCBA as Founding Members earlier this year!

Before we wrap up 2022, I am asking you to join with us in 1 of 3 easy ways that have real tax benefits to you and/or your company:

1) Support Frontline’s Church Ambassador Network with TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations MATCHED up to $100,000 – We can all agree we need more prayer at the Georgia State Capitol! The Church Ambassador Network is part of Frontline Policy Council, a 501(c)3 and is a tax-deductible gift that will be matched dollar for dollar by generous donors. This brings pastors to the Capitol to pray, share the Word, and build relationships with lawmakers. To support this effort please give generously, here.

2) Join Frontline Conservative Business Alliance with a business expense for our advocacy efforts to have our collective voice heard – I could not be more excited to lead FCBA through this period of rapid growth and transition. We are shifting our activity to a 501(c)4 model, hence you are now able to expense membership through your business. To join at the level that’s right for you today, please visit, here.

3) Become a monthly donor to Frontline Policy Council – Be intentional with your giving by becoming a monthly donor to Frontline Policy Council. This helps you plan your giving, receive a tax benefit because it’s tax deductible, and allows us to build our ministry budget. To become a monthly donor, please visit, here, and select the option to make it a monthly gift.

This year-end, there are many ways to stand on the Frontline with us. I look forward to keeping you updated as we boldly battle at the Capitol for our shared values to fight back against the WOKE. You can help by giving the support needed for Cole Muzio and me to build Frontline Conservative Business Alliance into the unique and powerful force for what’s right for our businesses, families and for our State.

Let’s fight the good fight…together,

Mark Gonsalves
Frontline Conservative Business Alliance