I need you to fight for someone, many someones in the present and in the future.

I want you to fight for a 13-year-old girl – let’s call her Jill.


Jill is going through a rough time at school, feels uncomfortable as she goes through changes, and her challenges are exacerbated by social media which makes her question who God made her to be.

Surrounded by social pressures, Jill decides she is more likely to be “affirmed” if she becomes “Jack” – so she gets a doctor to prescribe her puberty blockers.

This would be allowed if the current language of SB 140, the gender reassignment bill becomes law.

Jill then decides that she needs to get surgery. She tells the doctor that she will commit suicide if the surgery is not granted and that she “needs” it done.

Because of the “medically necessary” loophole in SB 140, many woke doctors would still be performing this surgery if the bill became law.

After the surgery, Jill feels “affirmed.” Her friends call her “Jack,” and everyone is treating her like the “new person” she wanted to be. Three months later, though, she wakes up and looks in the mirror. It hits her. Try as she might, she realizes she does not look like a boy, and she never will. She also instantly realizes the life-altering consequences of the surgery she just received.

She weeps.

Even though she will never truly be able to undo the damage, Jill decides to restore her identity and re-align with who God made her to be. As she makes this effort, others encourage her to seek damages from the medical community that lied to her and mutilated her.

Unfortunately, SB 140 specifically BANS mutilated children from seeking damages from the doctors who did them harm. No child who experienced horrific “gender reassignment” in Georgia would be allowed to sue BIG MEDICINE for violating them!

There are, sadly, a growing number of “Jills” in our state who would not be protected by the current language moving through our state legislature.

SB 140 is too weak and too woke for Georgia’s kids, and it needs to change.


This is an issue that most Georgians agree upon – minor children and their families should not be subject to abuse by BIG PHARMA, BIG MEDICINE, and the WOKE DOCTORS that so often take advantage of liberal cultural trends for their own profit.

We can get this right. We can take a stand now for our kids. Let’s stop the mutilation, put children first, and truly affirm them in who God made them to be.


For Our Kids,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy