Free Speech

Protecting the right of every American to express their views.

Principled Government

Working to limit the size and scope of government, providing an environment for a thriving economy, promoting strong and healthy communities, and striving for a government of good character and openness.

Human Dignity

Fighting for policy that recognizes the worth and value of all people – this includes ridding our state of the scourge of human trafficking, opposing recreational drug use, and advocating against pornography.

Educational Opportunity

Providing opportunities to choose the educational options, schools, and methods that best serve the individual needs of the child and their families.

God’s Design

Championing God’s design for the family, for joyous marriage between one man and one woman, for sexuality, and for gender.

Religious Freedom

Ensuring the right to worship and incorporate one’s faith in all aspects of life as consistent with natural law and with the First Amendment.

Right to Life

Celebrating His craftsmanship from conception to natural death.