This week Frontline has been celebrating moms. As Mother’s Day approaches, now more than ever it is important to highlight the attributes of what a Biblical mom looks like. We feel that traditional motherhood is under attack by the liberal culture. Proverbs 31 has served as our guide in defining the qualities of a mother, despite what the world is currently telling us. This is an important endeavor because it is increasingly clear that Christians have lost ground in this area. But honestly, who would have thought gender and motherhood would be up for debate?

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define the word ‘woman’ because she’s ‘not a biologist’. President Biden’s 2022 federal-budget proposal replaced the term “pregnant mothers” with “birthing people”. NCAA women athletes, like swimmer Riley Gaines, are having to compete with biological males like “Lia” Thomas. And just a few weeks ago in Wisconsin, three 14-year-old girls showering after gym class were shocked when a fellow 18-year-old male student decided to shower with them because he identifies as a girl… and the school is worried about protecting him! This is just a sampling of examples of how our culture is at war with what it means to be a woman. This coddling of delusion is the frontline in the battle over traditional Christian values.

Proverbs 31 mothers are a critical part of the fight against this liberal assault on motherhood. We have concluded from our study that Biblical moms are (shocked we even have to say this…) female by God’s design. They are virtuous… standing for what is right and dedicated to family by putting others before themselves. Christian moms are God-fearing and wise, able to discern the truth in a sea of delusion. And ultimately, Biblical mothers are priceless because they are increasingly rare. These attributes are the light that will shine into the darkness and expose the lies of the left’s agenda to redefine motherhood.

It’s time to reclaim the Biblical position of truth as the cornerstone of the family and the foundation of society. Christian moms embrace the fact that their role as mothers is a sacred calling and that they have the power to shape the future through their faith and their children. We must truly celebrate them. Let us redeem the narrative of Biblical motherhood.

This Sunday, on Mother’s Day, tell a mom close to you who exemplifies these attributes, “Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you. You are priceless!”


In His Grip,

Scott McInnis
Frontline Policy Council