On Monday, the Georgia General Assembly will gavel in for the 2023 Legislative Session. They will elect a new Speaker of the House (a presumptive congratulations to Jon Burns!), and Frontline-endorsed Lt. Governor Burt Jones will preside over the Senate for the first time.

I am asking you to be in prayer for the members, for our state, for this session, and for our efforts as we approach Monday. Please remain in prayer throughout the session, stay connected with us, and, perhaps, come join us at the Capitol!

Last session, Frontline led the charge for our values – working with Governor Kemp and others to secure what pundits have labeled “The Most Conservative Session in Georgia History.” We made gains for parental rights, for God’s Design, and against woke indoctrination.

This year, we are charting an even more ambitious course. Stay tuned for what’s to come…

▪ Frontline Conservative Business Alliance will launch distinct Advocacy with Mark Gonsalves representing businesses who share our values. To contribute to this effort, click here.

▪ Church Ambassador Network is launching this session – an initiative to bring pastors to the Capitol for meaningful prayer, sharing of God’s Word, and relationship building. Scott McInnis and Sam Thomas on our staff will be leading this unique effort. To support Church Ambassador Network, and have your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift MATCHED, click here.

▪ Taylor Hawkins and I will also be at the Capitol to advance the Frontline Policy Action agenda – rounding out the largest pro-family force Georgia has ever seen under the Gold Dome. To support Frontline Policy Action’s lobbying efforts, click here.

We are working with legislators and leaders around our state to advance our values and will let you know as our key bills drop – including efforts to make adoption more affordable, support families, and advance freedom.

Our top initiative, however, is ensuring that we protect children from radical, harmful “gender reassignment surgeries” – really, barbaric castration. Stand with us as we defend vulnerable children and champion God’s Design by donating $25, $50, or $100 TODAY.

None of what we hope to achieve, however, is possible without your prayers and engagement. We will keep you updated and informed every step of the way, and we ask for your continued partnership – reaching out to legislators and expressing your support for our values.

This session, we also ask that you help connect us to your pastor and encourage him to join us at the Capitol for prayer and a meeting with your legislator!

I believe a great session is before us, and we are resolved for victory and reliant on the Lord.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Council