With the chaos of the primary elections, the Southern Baptist Convention, and other events in the area during our original date, we’ve decided to reschedule the Don’t Woke My Church Conference to September 16th. We hope you will plan to join us!

The world is trying to destroy churches with wokism, and Frontline Policy Council is fighting back. Embracing worldly ethics on sex, gender, and marriage is the rejection of the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, destroying the foundation of Christian faith.

It’s absolutely critical that pastors and church leaders be vigilant to protect churches. It may seem daunting to stand up to the radical left, but you do not have to do it alone. Each and every pastor and church leader in our network is dealing with the same battle.

That’s why we are proud to host the “Don’t Woke My Church Conference” and hope you’ll join us and our speakers to discuss and strategize on how to defeat wokism, how to protect our churches and denominations, and how to share the Gospel in a world steeped in wokist ideology. This is a great time to share challenges, exchange ideas, commit to ways we can be God-honoring churches individually, and partner together to strengthen His church collectively.

Don’t Woke My Church Conference 

10:30am-3:30pm September 16th

Flat Creek Baptist Church

161 Flat Creek Trail Fayetteville GA 30214

Over the coming days and weeks, we will announce speakers and conversation hosts, and we could not be more excited about this event. All pastors are invited, and churches can send other leaders as well. Please encourage your pastor to attend or ask if you or another leader can serve as a representative.

We hope to see you there!

God Bless,

Sam Thomas

Director of Christian Engagement,

Frontline Policy Council